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Research and Development

All Well R&D Center has a dedicated professional team tracking every step in our production. Up to now our center has developed a long-term cooperation with Xian Jiao Tong University, The Fourth Military Medical University, Sichuan Antibiotics Science Institute, North-West University.

Productive Capacity

All Well in each month, is capable of outputting 1 Metric ton of chemical synthesis, 2 Metric tons of fermentation products, 3 Metric tons of herbal extracting and 2 Metric tons of nano-technology products.

Science and Technology

All Well has over 30 experts graduated from some key universities, with rich experience and full passion in their work. Most manufacturing equipments were introduced from Germany and France, with top-class technological integration and manufacturing capacity.

organization and establishment

We are equiped with strict Quality Management System,holding three classes of quality management networks:Company---department---team group.The policy of quality management is qualities the first,customer the highest,and try to reach zero defects on products.
Q.M.department is directed by General Manager.The main assignment is to work out Q.M.System,to check and supervise operating.The company carries out all-staff-responsible policy; everybody involved in production should be responsible to quality of products.
Q.M.department mainly includes:Quality Assurance Dept., Quality Control out quality standard for raw material and test ,which is sub-classified Equipment Sector,Physical-Chemical Test Sector,Microbiological Test Sector.And it¡¯s armed with advanced test equipments.Most of its staff have bachelor degrees,and have strictly trained with GMP.
Quality Assurance Dept. is sub-classified to:Q.A.Office,Scene Supervsing Office,Smaple Remain Office. Quality Assurance Dept.mainly assures the quality of products,including evaluating suppliers of raw & assistant material,checking and supervising perform of GMP,release products,checking and approval of quality management Documents,Internal audit,recalling products.

the quality control procedure in process

External Checking procedure:Determining main raw material according to demand of production,looking for suppliers by supply department,faxing¡°Investigation Form of Company Situation¡± to every supplier,which mainly concerning general situation of company,quality management situation and whether production certificate is available etc.Fix 2-3 suppiers on the basis of form feedback,check them by scene under principle of ISO9001:9004 standard.Approve the suppliers according to result of checking eventually.
International audit procedure: QA work out annual audit plan:arrange the audit time of every department.Set up audit group involved by staff from QA,QC,production department and equipment management departement to work out audit plan together under direct of QA.Audit the correponding deparments as per available audited departments,audit group draft approve notice about the problems found in audit,and fix date for the departments to approval,and check after approval.
Release procedure of final products:Scene supervisor sent by QA sample products are packed.The sample is sent to QC for checking,the concerning production records about the batch is sent to workshop for check before QA check before QA check it.Main points of checking:criterion of writing accordance between product and process,certificate of raw & assistant material,balance of raw material (Including package material).QC send checking records to QA to check after checking.QA seal stamp of ¡°Approved Release¡±on checking report after each item comply with requirement,and transfer the checking report to warehouse and production department in the meanwhile,enroll products by warehouse.
3. In the past several years, we successed in reception and achieving the strict audits from the world high-esteemd company,GSK, Schering A.G and Merch etc.

We have more than 30 Specialists graduated from world famous university. All the manufacture instruments are from German and France, and they are dvanced in technology among others Academy of sciences:
Xian Jiao Tong University;
The Fourth Military Medical University
Sichuan Antibiotics Science Institute;
North-Western University








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